Mother Daughter Carts

Topper Mother Daughter Cart – Topper can design & fabricate custom, engineered to order material handling tugger cart delivery solutions for each specific process and unique plant floor throughout all work sectors. Topper Industrial specializes in moving material with fork truck free  cart delivery.

A Mother Daughter Cart System is pulled by a tugger or Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). The system consists of one large mother frame cart and two or more, smaller daughter delivery carts. The daughter carts are designed to fit within the mother cart’s frame work. Once the daughter carts are locked inside, the mother and daughter carts are then able to be tugged as one.  Multiple Mother Carts can be towed in a row. They are tugger carts.

This Cart Delivery System is very versatile. The Daughter Carts can all different types and sizes and utilize the same Mother Cart framework. Topper Industrial is able to design for unique applications this way. One Mother Cart can be designed to carry a static cart as a daughter cart and a rotation cart as a daughter cart. This is ideal in creating specialized material delivery that works effectively for various work stations. Also, later as production and process can change, Topper is able to design and fabricate new daughter carts to be used with the existing Mother Daughter Cart System.

Topper Industrial is very proud of their patented Wheels on the Ground, Walk Through Mother Daughter Cart System. It is the most versatile and flexible solution on the market.

Mother Daughter Carts can also be referred to as Corral Carts.

Topper Industrial is capable of creating custom, engineered to order Mother/Daughter Carts for your unique needs.