Topper Industrial manufactures material handling delivery carts for all industries and sectors. Specialty (Specialized) Delivery Carts serve as unique material handling solutions for many of Topper’s customers. Topper’s team prides itself on thinking creatively to produce innovative products that establish a better and more ergonomic work environment for material handlers and operators.

Topper Industrial Custom Carts & Containers

An example of a specialty cart created to solve a specific problem would be the Transformer Cart (Ref CT51 & CT52). This four wheel steering industrial cart transforms into a hand operated push cart and back again. The Optimal Steering Cart or Transformer Cart is a wise solution for older factories that have an issue with narrow aisles. This cart performs as a tugger cart and a push cart.

Many of Topper Industrial carts are specialized, meaning custom built.

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Topper Industrial is capable of creating Specialty Carts for a customer’s unique needs.