Quad Steer Carts

Topper Industrial specializes in designing & building custom, engineered to order material handling cart delivery solutions.  

Topper Industrial Quad Steer Carts are an original design. They are used in conjunction with a tugging vehicle such as a tugger or Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV).  A Quad Steer Cart is an industrial cart with four wheel steering. Quad Steer carts track smoothly when being pulling with multiple carts in tow. They are designed to track extremely well and handle tight turn radius.

Quad Steer Carts are delivery carts used to deliver and pickup material from a specific route along the factory floor. The Quad Steer Cart can remain attached to vehicle with multiple carts in tow. There is no need for uncoupling during delivery and pick up applications. .

Quad Steer Carts are often referred to as Tracking Carts or Delivery Carts. .

Topper Industrial specializes in helping customers move material with cart delivery. Topper Industrial is capable of creating custom Quad Seer Carts for your unique needs.

Topper Industrial Quad Steer Carts