Rotation Carts

Topper Industrial Rotation (Rotate) Carts manually rotate and position parts for minimized over reaching and lifting. A rotate cart is a specified industrial cart base with a rotating top. The tops rotate 360 degrees to the various operator workstation.

Topper Industrial Rotation Carts

The operator is able to rotate the unit by releasing the foot actuated detent to rotate and access parts from any side from one position. The detents automatically locks every 90° or 180.° This secures the rotation top, so that the operator can work out of the unit safely. The effortless rotation is due to the heavy duty sealed precision slew bearing that can handle cantilevered loads with ease and is virtually maintenance free.

Topper’s Rotation Carts come in a 4 wheel or 6 wheel design.

Rotate Carts can be push carts or tugger carts.

Topper Industrial is capable of creating custom Rotate Carts for your unique needs.