Tilt Carts

Topper Industrial engineers and manufactures many different types of Tilt Carts for material delivery. These material handling tilt carts create a safe, controlled and ergonomic delivery work station line side.

Topper Industrial Tilt Carts

A Tilt Cart is a rugged industrial cart consisting of a unique upper frame that is designed to fit a specific container and tilt to a desired angle. Topper Industrial’s tilt carts come equipped with a patented adjustable closed loop hydraulic cylinder that controls the energy of the load as it is tilted. It provides for a safe and controlled tilt movement in a full to empty application. The most common requested degree of tilt is 30, 45 and 60 degrees, but the carts can be custom designed to virtually any angle.

Tilt Carts are designed as four wheel or six wheel carts.
Topper Industrial also manufacturers unique side tilt carts. See that cart application HERE.

Topper Tilt Carts can be designed to be push carts and tugger carts. 

Topper Industrial is capable of creating custom Tilt Carts for a customer’s unique needs.